Renewal plan for efficient appliances and aid to home automation facilities


a) Action 1: Renewal Plan for Home Appliances

The renovation of household appliances of the types indicated in the following table by other new ones of the same type and with an A +++ energy classification label are eligible, in the case of worktops, the replacement of the pre-existing worktop of any technology is eligible for a new one of total induction. To access the grant, you must deliver the removed appliance to an authorized manager.

Eligible appliances

Refrigerator and fridge - freezer with energy rating A +++

Freezer with energy rating A +++

A +++ Washer

Dishwasher A +++

Total induction hobs

b) Action 2: Home automation energy facilities

The new installations of energy domotic elements mentioned in the following table and the adaptation of the existing installations for their effective integration are eligible:

Eligible home automation facilities

Thermal monitoring of the home (humidity, temperature, CO2 and / or radon sensors and thermostats communicated with a centralized team)

Electrical monitoring of the house (consumption meters, power rationalizers, actuators for programming ignitions, photocells communicated with a centralized team)


Individuals who carry out any of the eligible actions in a house located in the Autonomous Community of Galicia may be beneficiaries of the subsidies. To be a beneficiary you will have to process your application through one of the affiliated collaborating entities that appear on the list that is published on the Inega website,

Period of actions covered by the grant.

The acquisition and installation of the equipment must be carried out after the entry into force of this Plan. The deadline to execute the project and submit the payment request with supporting documentation for the investments is 60 calendar days from the day following the submission of the request with the deadline of September 30, 2020.

Amount of aid

Action 1: Eligible appliances:

The amount of the grant may not exceed 25% of the price of the appliance for a general consumer, 50% for vulnerable consumers and 75% for severe vulnerable consumers.

Vulnerable and severe vulnerable consumers are considered to be those who meet the requirements established in Royal Decree 897/2017, of October 6, which regulates the figure of the vulnerable consumer, the social bond and other protection measures for domestic consumers of electrical energy and are beneficiaries of the electric social bonus (25% discount for vulnerable consumers and 40% for severe vulnerable consumers), which must be accredited by presenting an electric energy bill with a maximum age of 3 months.

2. Action 2: Home automation energy installations

The amount of the subsidy may not exceed 50% of the price of the installation, a percentage that rises to 65% for vulnerable consumers and up to 80% for severe vulnerable consumers, with a limit of € 500 per project .

These grants are managed through collaborating entities associated with the program.

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