Social Bonus Royal decree 897/2017

The electric social bond is a mechanism that is created by the Ministry of Industry, to offer certain groups a discount on the price of electricity. The basic rules that regulate it are, the Lei 24/2013 of the electricity sector, the Royal Decree 897 / 2017 from October 6, and the orderETU / 943/2017 of October 6. This is the second electric social bond in the Spanish state, and it entered into force on October 8, 2017.

With this order, important changes are introduced in the standard. On the one hand, access to the bonus is linked to the level of income of the family unit, and the number of minors within it. It also recognizes the vulnerable consumer, vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion, which can lead to important changes in the fight against energy poverty.

Remember, if you are already a beneficiary of the old Social Bonus, you must renew the vulnerable consumer status for the new Social Bonus. The period is extended until October, 9, 2018.

New forms of application: The Saturday 7 April 2018 published the order ETU 361/2018, which modify the forms of application of the social bonus. In this order also wide the term for the renewal of the current users of the social bonus, until 9 October 2018. On the other hand, it asks that the the individual applicants certify his civil state by means of the individual leaf of civil register. While it was not possible the expedition of this document, will be able to present any one another document issued by the competent authority.

In this section you can consult and download the documents related to the social bonus, second the Royal Decree 897/2017 and the order (ETU943 / 2017), ETU/361/2018 :

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