Xornada Practice ICOIIG FAEPAC ANERR 08 of Febreiro of 2018


ANERR with ICOIIG e FAEPAC will celebrate & aacute; or next 08 of Febreiro no Ilustre Colexio Oficial de Enxeñeiros Industriais de Galicia. C / Alameda, 30-32, 8 & ordm ;. 15003 A Coruña, nova xornada practice of Campus Rehabilitation. Point of contact of rehabilitation and reform companies, technicians, installers, farm managers, manufacturers and the Public Administration, in short, all the stakeholders involved in Rehabilitation and Reform.

It is interesting to take into account the first performances that are being carried out in rehabilitation, as well as as a direct and indirect repercussion that is in the zone xa est? a? a ter for urban remediation and rehabilitation two immovable, as well as as for a mellora gives quality of life and comfort two.

At the same time, it has participated in the participation of institutions for export as well as initiatives in rehabilitation of Axudas. D. Oriol Sarmiento Dez, Dean of the Illustrious Colexio Official of Enxeñeiros Industriais de Galicia; Dna Isabel Alonso, Director of the Xeral of the National Association of Rehabilitation and Reform Companies; D. Valentán González, President of the Foundation Provincial Energetic Attendance D & aacute; Coruña, President of Deputation de Coruña; Mr. Xiao Varela, Deputy Mayor Delegate for Urban Renewal, Dereito & aacute; Vivenda e Mobilidade Sostible, Concello d & aacute; Coruña.

These projects are aimed at professionals who procure, execute or carry out work control, preserving themselves as an opportunity to collaborate, through a prudential vision. They are innovative solutions in rehabilitation, supporting basic cartoons (as measured by room conditions), manipulating and explaining the most adequate solutions for rehabilitation and efficient reform. They will be explained by professionals of relevant companies of the sector, we will put disposition two attendees to experience only to elixir to solution more appropriate in each case, as well as as to avoid erros habituais derived dunha incorrect election, application, installation, control.


Within the Rehabilitation Plan for the Rehabilitation of ANERR, I think or CAMPUS for Rehabilitation, where all technical and technical encounters will be developed, as well as as ter & aacute; a unique web site that from ANERR is on the web to be made.

As Xornadas préctiques are essenceis to update or noso co & ntilde; ecemento, as & iacute; as to boost Quality and Professionalization of Sector.

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Written by santi. 05-02-2018
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