Social Bonus and Electric Bill in Mañon


Last Friday, February 23rd more than twenty citizens attended to the event organized in Mañón's town hall to listen to the chat given by FAEPAC on the electrical invoice and the social bond.

In the above mentioned chat, the most relevant aspects of the electric invoice were explained to the assistants, as well as the new mechanism of the social electrical bond

At the end of the day, the participants were able to clarify their doubts about various aspects of electricity supply, as well as how to clear some cuestions about the application of the social bonus.

The talk, which was given by FAEPAC staff, was organized with the collaboration of the personnel of social affairs and socio-cultural animation of the municipality of Mañon, Iso and Nati, who help the residents of the municipality in the paperworks they need.

Mila - SS.SS. Concello de Mañón

Written by admin1. 26-02-2018
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