Yesterday they were analyzed in the worshop, organized by FAEPAC and the Diputación de A Coruña, the normative changes existing in the energy efficiency accounting.

  • The ceremony inaugurated by the mayor of Bergondo, Dª. Alejandra Pérez Máquez, took place throughout the morning in the Pazo de Mariñán, with the assistance of different representatives of different energy services companies and technicians of the Local and Regional Administration.

The presentations addressed different topics:

  • The new philosophies of the LCSP on strategic purchasing, by Mrs. Elena Barba Pan, general secretary of the Advisory Board of Administrative Contracting of the Autonomous Community
  • Opportunities to contract energy services at the municipal level, under the charge of Mr. Francisco Conesa, Director of Energy Efficiency - ACCIONA
  • The new rules of Eurostat for the computation of investments and EPCs, by Mr. Francisco Javier Sigüenza, general secretary of AMI
  • The new service concession model, under the responsibility of Mr. Antonio de Marcos, FCC contracting director
  • The new UNE 216701 norm of Energy Service Providers, by Mr. Juan Manuel García Sánchez, Manager of the Energy sector - AENOR
  • Social and Environmental Aspects in Energy Services contracts, by Mr. Luis Jaime Rodríguez Fernández, Head of Heritage and Contracting Service of the Diputación de A Coruña
  • Good practices of the administrations: The Guide of Contracting of the Energy Services in Guarantees of Saving of the ICAEN, in charge of Dª Marta Gudiol, Head of the service of Energetic Efficiency of the autonomous Government - ICAEN

The day was closed in a colloquium among the speakers and the attendees of the event.


Written by maite. 19-06-2018
Servizo de Asesoría Enerxética