Subsidies of the IGVS for the improvement of housing in terms of energy, security and accessibility


The Galician Institute of Housing and Land (IGVS) has just published in the Official Gazette of Galicia the Resolution of August 3, 2018, which establishes the basis for subsidies for the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability in housing; as well as improving the safety of use and accessibility.

This call is articulated in two main lines, on the one hand the energy efficiency of the house, which subsidizes the energy improvement of the envelope, installation of efficient air conditioning equipment, use of renewable energies, LED lights, etc.

Another line subsidizes the improvement of accessibility and security of homes and buildings with the installation of elevators, ramps, automatic door phones, etc.

The percentage of the grants ranges from 40% to 75% of the eligible cost, according to the applicants' income.

The top of the aid will go from € 24,000 on line A, and 17,000 for B. Always under criteria of income, special circumstances of the applicants and area of ​​the houses.

They can go to these subsidies both physical persons and companies of energetic services, communities of proprietors, groupings of proprietors, construction companies and people that live in regime of rent.

The application must be telematic, and is open until September 21

DOG of August 21, 2018

Written by golpe. 06-09-2018
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