Subsidies for photovoltaic solar energy projects aimed at individuals.


The Energy Institute of Galicia (INEGA) will publish shortly the bases that regulate the aid to individuals for photovoltaic solar energy installations.

The deadline for applications that, although currently not approved, is expected to be from 04/04/2019 until 07/01/2019.

The grants are aimed at individuals who are owners of single-family homes, or for neighborhood or owner communities. The request and processing will be done through management entities, which will be installation companies adhering to the platform that INEGA will enable for this call. The list of these companies will be published on the inega website ( )

The subsidy percentage will be 50% of the eligible cost, and in the case of individuals, VAT may also be subsidized. The maximum grant per project will be € 50,000, with a maximum of € 8,000 per house.


As a great novelty, this call contemplates the option of subsidizing the installation of accumulation batteries, Ampere Energy type, Tesla Powerball, LG Chem, etc.

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Written by golpe. 04-03-2019
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